The Royal Dutch Scam at the Boerderij (Zoetermeer) by photographer Marcel Boshuizen

Playing at the Boerderij (Zoetermeer, the Netherlands) for us, is like coming home. All the lovely people and volunteers treat us like princes and princesses. What a treat. Nothing beats a packed club like that.

The most important thing of course, is the audience. It’s an incredible feeling for us to play in front of true music lovers. We bow to you.

Master guitar player Peter Tiehuis subbed for Erik Rutjes. Not an easy job when you play the many complex guitar layers in the music of Steely Dan – if you know, you know. You were killing it, Peter!

Photographer Marcel Boshuizen was there too and boy, did he shoot some awesome pictures. As he says: ‘I don’t shoot what it looks like, I shoot what it feels like’. We couldn’t agree more.

Thank you Marcel. Thank you Zoetermeer. And thank you, dear music lovers of Zoetermeer.